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The Players

Alyce Graham Fiddle

Alyce began playing Irish music at sessions in Chicago, where she grew up. In 2003, she studied fiddle at University College, Cork, with Connie O'Connell. Her favorite fiddlers include Liz Carroll, Martin Hayes, and Tommy Potts. She teaches fiddle lessons, too.

Dan McHugh Uilleann Pipes/Whistle

Dan was first taught by Bil McKenty of Philadelphia. He later organized a series of learning sessions for pipers at the Philadelphia Irish center under the instruction of Jerry O’Sullivan. Influences include classic pipers such as Willie Clancy and Seamus Ennis. He has also attended a number of workshops from pipers such as Mick O’Brien, David Power, Ivan Goff, and Benedict Koehler. Dan has been played in the Philadelphia/Baltimore area at numerous sessions and other events and has been a return performer at the annual Philadelphia Ceili Group Festival.

Worth Dixon Guitar/Banjo/Vocals

Raised in the small town of Francine, Texas, Worth worked in the local rodeo. He currently supervises the wig and flamethrower stand at the New Castle County Farmer's Market and has won numerous awards for having the coolest name in the band.

Dave ZgleszewskiBodhran/Mandolin

Dave was drawn in acoustic music in high school when his English teacher "Crab Meat" Thompson started a folk guitar club. He quickly picked up the bodhran from Rob and eventually wound up becoming a cast member at the Virginia Rennasaince Faire, playing English and Italian dance tunes.

There, he laid down his guitar, picked up a mandolin and starting playing jigs -- he immediately fell in love with the instrument. Dave spends his spare time working on the Kalmar Nyckel, Delaware's Tall Ship.

Rob Wiltbank Guitar/Vocals

Rob started off as a clasically trained percussionist performing with the Jersey Surf and Westshoremen Drum & Bugle Corps as well as the Brandywine Pops Orchestra and Diamond State Concert Band. In addition, he sang throughout high school and at the University of Delaware in the Men's Ensemble and Choral Union.

He remains active in teaching music scholastically and enjoys the Traditional Irish idiom where he's learned to play bodhran, whistle, octave mandolin and DADGAD tuned guitar.

Zoe the Harpist Harp

Zoe is an enigmatic and somewhat mythical figure bestowed upon the people by powers unknown. It is written that one day she will one day eat an enormous amount of Thai food and split into two Zoe's by way of mitosis.